Central Java is indeed known as a culinary tourist spot that has a variety of special foods that are quite tempting to taste. This Central Javanese food is also very popular among tourists because it has a very delicious and delicious taste. The following is typical Central Java food with a delicious taste that shakes the tongue

1. Tofu Petis
Tofu petis is one type of food from processed tofu which is often used as a snack and is also often used as a side dish. The ingredients used for making tofu petis typical of Central Java are tofu and black sauce or known as petis. Did you know, if this petis is usually made from shrimp that is cooked continuously until it becomes thick or from fish stew.

2. Mendoan Tempe
Basically, tempe mendoan is almost the same as other fried tempeh covered with flour. It’s just that what makes the difference between Mendoan Tempe and Tempe usually lies in the name, namely Mendoan.

Mendoan is a food that is cooked using a lot of hot oil and is also fast so that the tempeh is not overcooked. Even though in the frying process, the tempeh is not too ripe, but you don’t have to worry about the taste.

Because this tempe mendoan has a very delicious and delicious taste, so it is not surprising that this one food is quite popular among local and foreign tourists.

3. Gandul Rice
Nasi gandul is one type of food that is often referred to as nasi uduk because of the way it is served using banana leaves. This gandul rice also has a very savory taste and is delicious to eat together at breakfast.

To make this gandul rice, pandan leaves are also added to make the aroma of this rice stronger and very appetizing. Usually this gandul rice is served with an additional side dish in the form of beef that has been processed in such a way that it can give a very delicious and delicious taste.

4. Dawet Ireng
Dawet ireng is not the same as the usual dawet which has a green color. But this dawet ireng has a dark black color. This black color is obtained from natural ingredients, namely from straw ash. Although in making this dawet ireng using straw ash, you don’t have to worry about the taste.

Because this dawet ireng has been proven to be able to give a very good taste and when eaten it can give a very refreshing sensation. In making this dawet ireng also uses real Javanese sugar so that it can make it taste even more delicious.

5. Brekecek
Brekecek is one of the typical foods of Central Java that you should not miss when visiting Central Java. Brekecek is made from the basic ingredients of pathak fish or jahan fish. In addition, there are also those who make brekecek from the head of a marine fish called mentok or basur.

Brekecek actually consists of two syllables, namely brek which means put or dropped and kecek which means mixed or choked using spices. You need to know, if the typical West Java brekecek is already quite popular among local people and foreign tourists. Because this brekecek has a very delicious taste and if you taste it it can make you addicted.

6. Rice Grombyang
The naming of this grombyang rice is taken from the way it is served, namely with more sauce than the contents, so that the rice looks grombyang-grombyang or swaying.

This grombyang rice is made from buffalo meat, rice as the main ingredient, buffalo meat and a gravy that has been prepared from various processed spices. So that it can give a very delicious and delicious taste when tasted.

This rice is usually served using a cauldron that has a fairly large size and also a rice holder covered with a red cloth.

7. Garang Asem
Garang Asem is a processed food made from chicken which is cooked together with coconut milk. This cooked chicken is first wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked with coconut milk.

Garang tamarind has a fairly spicy and sour taste so it is very delicious to enjoy. Please note, usually this ferocious sour is served with rice and also comes with other side dishes such as cakes, fried tempeh or sweet and sour chicken.

8. Getuk Goreng
Surely you have often heard the name getuk, but the getuk you usually hear is not processed by frying. Well, this is what distinguishes the usual getuk from the typical getuk of Central Java.

If getuk is typical of Central Java in the processing process, it must go through the frying stage. This is also what makes getuk typical of Central Java called getuk goreng which has a sweet and savory taste.

The ingredients used for making fried getuk are cassava and brown sugar or palm sugar

. This fried getuk is pretty much targeted and in demand by local and foreign tourists because this fried getuk offers a very delicious, savory and crunchy taste.

9. Liwet Rice
Nasi liwet is a typical food of Central Java which is very popular among foreign and local tourists. Nasi liwet is usually served with chicken pieces and sometimes chayote is also used.

Actually, cooking rice liwet is almost the same as rice uduk in general, namely by using coconut milk. The only service that makes it different lies in the taste, because the taste of this liwet rice is guaranteed to be very tasty and also delicious.

10. Beong Beong
Mangut beong is a typical food of Central Java made from beong fish. Some of us must be unfamiliar with the name beong fish. Beong fish is one type of fish that at first glance almost resembles catfish, but actually this beong fish is not catfish.

Beong fish itself is a typical fish in the Progo river which has quite dense and soft meat. When this beong fish is cooked it can give a very delicious taste with meat that is quite soft and very easy to chew.

11. Ongklok Noodles
When you go to Central Java, don’t forget to taste the ongklok noodles. Because this ongklong noodle is quite famous and popular among local and foreign tourists because of its delicacy. Mie ongklok itself is a kind of boiled noodle mixed with various additional ingredients such as pieces of chives and cabbage.

For this ongklok noodle soup also uses starch so that it makes this noodle soup look very thick compared to noodle soup in general. Ongklok noodles are also very delicious when consumed with the addition of kemul tempe, beef satay or tofu chips.

Do you know why this noodle is named Mie Ongkok? If you don’t know it then you should find out. Actually, this noodle is named Mie Ongklok because it uses Ongklok in its manufacture. Ongklok is a kind of small basket made of woven bamboo. Ongklok is useful for boiling noodles in the sauce.

12. Tobacco Fried Rice
The typical food of Central Java that you must taste next is the Tobacco Fried Rice. This culinary one does sound strange, but in the Temanggung area this dish is very popular because of its delicious taste.

But you don’t need to worry, because the tobacco used for this fried rice is not part of the tobacco leaf that is usually used for cigarettes, but tobacco seeds. The process of processing it is the same as fried rice in general, only with the addition of tobacco seed spices in the seasoning which makes it different. These tobacco seeds produce a very appetizing and unique aroma.

13. Bogana Rice
Nasi Bogana is also included in the list of typical Central Java foods that it’s a shame if you miss it. This dish from Tegal consists of rice with various vegetables and side dishes served using banana leaves.

At first glance, Nasi Bogana looks like a typical East Javanese mixed rice, but the difference is, Nasi Bogana has a more complete side dish because it uses vegetables, tempeh, tofu, meat and eggs. Nasi Bogana is also equipped with serundeng which adds a savory taste to this dish. Nasi Bogana has a fairly large portion so it is very fitting to be served as a lunch menu.

14. Rice Gel
The typical food of Central Java that you should try next is Nasi Penggel. Nasi Penggel is a culinary originating from Kebumen and is very popular among tourists.

It is known as Nasi Penggel because of the process in which the rice is made into a ball. This round rice is then served on a banana leaf pincuk along with vegetables and various side dishes. The vegetables used are usually jackfruit or gori vegetables and cassava leaves. While the side dishes are quite complete, such as tempeh, tofu, beef offal and skin which is then equipped with melinjo.

15. Mie Letek
Have you ever heard of a culinary called Mie Letek? This Central Javanese food comes from the Yogyakarta area and is one of the most sought after culinary delights.

Called Mie Lethek because this dish has a dull appearance which in Javanese is called “Lethek”. This noodle is made from tapioca flour and cassava which is processed traditionally without using preservatives. The process of processing this lethek noodle also usually uses a charcoal-fueled brazier. Unlike other typical dishes, Mie Lethek tends to be more difficult to find. Usually, tourists who want to try it must visit the Bantul area to try it.

16. Gudeg
The following Central Java specialties are also still from Yogyakarta. Unlike Mie Lethek which is getting hard to find, gudeg is very easy to find in every corner of the city of Jogja.

Gudeg is a special dish made from young jackfruit processed with coconut milk, sugar and leaves to make aga

r produces a brown color. The process of processing this gudeg takes hours until the food is completely absorbed. This dish has a very delicious sweet taste. Gudeg is usually served with krecek vegetables, bacem tofu, bacem eggs and free-range chicken.

17. Soto Kudus
From the name alone, you can conclude that this typical Central Javanese food comes from Kudus. Soto Kudus is indeed one of the most popular traditional Kudus dishes.

Soto Kudus is served in a small bowl. This bowl contains chunks of buffalo meat, clear gravy with tamarind, noodles, bean sprouts, celery leaves and fried onions and rice. As a complementary menu, Soto Kudus can be enjoyed with quail egg satay, cakes and various fried foods.

18. Soto Sokaraja
Soto Sokaraja or also known as Sroto Sokaraja is also included in the list of typical Central Java foods that are too bad to pass up. Soto Sokaraja comes from a sub-district called Sokaraja in Banyumas Regency.

In contrast to soto from other regions, Soto Sokaraja has its own characteristics so that it tastes more delicious, namely the presence of ketupat and chili sauce made from peanuts. This peanut sauce has a less spicy taste so you can add it however you like. Not only peanut sauce, another characteristic of Soto Sokaraja is the presence of red cantir crackers in the sauce. These Cantir crackers are made from cassava which gives an extraordinary sensation to the soup.

19. Lontong Dekem
This Central Javanese food may also sound quite foreign to your ears, this is because this dish is quite legendary. Lontong Dekem is a typical Pemalang dish that is a shame to miss.

This food is called Lontong Dekem because of the unique way of serving it. First, the rice cake will be doused with coconut milk then transferred to another place and doused again with coconut milk. And so on until the rice cake is completely submerged. In Pemalang Javanese, “dekem” means completely submerged.

The sauce used to make this dish is made from coconut milk as the main ingredient which is then mixed with special spices to produce a warm savory taste. Lontong Deke mini is usually best served during the rainy season or enjoyed at night.

20. Elephant Tengkleng
Even though the name is Tengkleng Gajah, this Central Javanese food is not made from elephant meat, you know. Called Tengkleng Gajah because of its jumbo portion. Tengkleng Gajah is a dish that is often found in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Like tengkleng in general, the basic ingredient used is mutton. Interestingly, there are two ways to cook this elephant tengkleng, namely cooked like tengkleng gravy or fried tengkleng. Of course, the two dishes each have a distinctive taste. If you like a fresh dish, you can order tengkleng gravy.

21. Sate Klathak
This Central Javanese food is also no less popular and quite a lot of tourists are hunting for it, namely Sate Klathak. Sate Klathak is made from young goat meat, so you don’t have to be afraid of the unpleasant smell of mutton and cholesterol because this satay klathak is low in cholesterol and you don’t want it.

What’s more special, this sate klathak is processed in a different way, which is only burned using salt seasoning. The way it is served is even without the use of spices, even so this satay tastes very delicious. If you want to taste sate klathak, you can visit the Bantul area, Yogyakarta.

22. Sate Ambal
Besides Sate Klathak, there is another satay that is a typical food of Central Java that is no less delicious to try, namely Sate Ambal. Sate Ambal is a typical dish of Ambal, Kebumen and is one of the most popular culinary delights.

Sate Ambal is made from selected chicken meat which is then given a yellow spice. At first glance, Sate Ambal looks like Sate Padang, but of course it tastes different. This yellow spice from Sate Ambal is made from a mixture of boiled tempeh that is ground until smooth so that when you taste it, you can immediately feel the texture of the soybeans from the tempeh and make the taste of Sate Ambal even more delicious.

23. Sate Bumbon
The next typical food of Central Java is also still in the form of satay, namely Sate Bumbon. Sate Bumbon is a typical Kendal culinary which is quite popular and is often hunted by tourists who vacation in Kendal.

In contrast to satay in general, this bumbon satay has its own uniqueness. This bumbon satay is made from fresh beef which must go through several processes before being grilled, such as being seasoned with spices to produce a delicious taste with a soft meat texture. This is in accordance with its name, namely Bumbon, which means to be given bum

bu first before burning.

This bumbon satay has a very thick spice taste but still tastes delicious. Sate bumbon can be enjoyed with rice cake or warm rice.

24. Oseng Oseng Mercon
If you are a spicy lover, then this Oseng Oseng Mercon is one of the typical Central Java foods that you must try. Oseng Oseng Mercon is a typical dish from Yogyakarta where if you visit there you can find many sellers of Oseng Oseng Mercon, one of which is quite famous is Oseng Mercon Bu Narti.

Oseng Oseng Mercon consists of fat, young bones, gravel and skin which are mixed with spicy spices. The spicy taste of this spice is not even half-hearted because it can make your tongue burn. This spicy taste is what makes this dish named Oseng Oseng Mercon. This food is always hunted by spicy foodies, but if you have stomach problems, it is not recommended to try this dish.

25. Tofu Dreads
The last Central Javanese food that you must try is Tofu Dreads. Tofu dreadlocks is a typical Semarang dish which is quite popular because of its delicious and unique taste.

This Semarang original dish does not only consist of fried tofu, but also sliced ​​raw cabbage, bean sprouts, eggs, rice cake and dreadlocks. Gimbal is a dish of shrimp fried in flour and has a savory taste. After the ingredients are mixed, it is then marinated with special spices sometimes because it is made using shrimp paste so it tastes very delicious.

If you visit Semarang, you can certainly find lots of sellers of tofu dreadlocks that you can try. However, one of the most recommended Semarang dreadlocks is the legendary H. Edy Dreaded Tofu. This dreadlocks tofu has a delicious savory taste and can certainly make anyone who tries it addicted